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The list is obviously not full and nothing is set in stone, although I am pretty consistent in my opinions and most of them are based on scientific method, which I'm a big fan of.

  • vaccines are good
  • GMO is good
  • the Earth is not flat
  • USA did land on the Moon
  • Bitcoin and some (not all) other cryptocurrencies are a dead end and should be avoided
  • there are no inferior or superior races/nationalities
  • ...but culture, society and education mean a lot
  • there is nothing wrong with abortions
  • there is also nothing wrong with LGBT
  • ...and trans rights are human rights
  • prostitution and light drugs should be legalized and regulated
  • it's ok to not have kids
  • PETA & Greenpeace are disgusting and usually do harm
  • climate change is real
  • climate change is anthropogenic unless proven otherwise
  • religion is mostly bad and terrifying
  • there is no god, at least as we know it
  • astrology, superstitions, psychic powers, magic, etc are anti-scientific bullshit
  • ...therefore there is no fate
  • ...or purpose / meaning of life
  • still, anthropic principle is something to think of
  • singularity is coming, there is no way to avoid it
  • Middle East is a mess
  • Russia is currently one of the main threats to the world (yeah, this one is here since 2014)
  • megacorporations such as Google/Microsoft/Apple are a threat as well
  • SpaceX is doing right things (and it's not related to whatever Musk says)
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