Hello there! My name is Ivan, I am a Project Manager / Linux Administrator from Serbia. This is my very own website.

Its evolution was pretty painful and it suffered from identification crisis numerous times, transitioning from a simple homepage to a blog, then to a forum and back to its roots. In case you came here by following some old link trying to find something useful, you can browse older versions in webarchive.

Anyway, back to present. Here you can find some info about me, contacts, things I like and also some things I created myself. Enjoy! Or don't, no pressure.


  • English
  • Russian
  • Serbo-Croatian


Linux Administration (from 2008)

I started with basic things and gradually made my way up to more serious stuff, now I can accidentally drop your production database with a lot of confidence using a very complex bash script.

Software Development (from 2012)

This is more like a hobby, but I write small apps and tools, and some people actually use them! Check out my github and gists.

Project Management (from 2015)

This was my next career step after system administration. I was hesitating at first, but many exciting projects forced me to appreciate it more and more. I currently work as a Project Manager at BeeJee.

By the way, my CV with many details is available here.


I love music and it's important, if you're curious I use last.fm to track what I'm listening to and also to find new music. Cycling is another thing that is really important (by the way I ride this).

What else... I like to travel, but who doesn't? I like everything about science in general, including history (anything Greek/Roman/Byzantium will do). Trains, RC helicopters, brutalism, Yugoslavian monuments and many more.